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After School Program

Each of our students has the opportunity to participate in a daily enrichment program after school hours. Art, Creative Writing, Film Club, Drama, Music, Student Council, Spanish, Sports, and Dance are just a few of the enrichment classes that are available depending on the campus and semester. In the after-school program, students explore the fundamentals, apply their knowledge, and ultimately showcase what they have learned in our winter or spring shows.

We understand that many students need individualized instructional support as the academic program at Bright Star is intensive. The after-school program at each of our campuses affords students the opportunity to work with tutors, in quiet study, or on computers, depending on their academic needs.

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After-School All-Stars


At each After-School All-Star school site, academic learning support, including homework assistance is provided. After students complete their homework assignments, activities are created incorporating three pillars of program: Visual and Performing Arts; Heath, Nutrition and Physical Fitness; Leadership, Character Development & Community Service Learning.



arc is proud to offer a variety of programs ranging from after school enrichment programs to leadership development retreats featuring adventure sports to full-service, comprehensive after school education programs for K-12 youth, college-aged students, and working professionals. In each of our programs, we place an emphasis on experiential learning, life skills acquisition and team building, as well as engagement with the natural world and the local community.